David Wiley

“Harold Thompson and Blackwater Recording are simply the best. I have had the pleasure of working with Harold for 12 years during my tenure with the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra (RSO). During that time, Harold has recorded and edited several RSO recordings for national distribution, produced literally hundreds of archival performance recordings, and engineered several of my own personal musical projects at the Blackwater Recording studio. He has amazing ears, works quickly and efficiently at the highest artistic level, and produces a stellar recording for any ensemble up to several hundred musicians at seemingly any location. He is completely reliable, uses the best equipment, and is a joy to work with in every respect. Frankly, we are truly blessed to have a recording professional of his national stature close by in Virginia, and I wish I could bring him to New York with me every month to do recordings there as well. Blackwater Recording has our, and my, highest recommendations.”

David Stewart Wiley

Music Director & Conductor Roanoke Symphony Orchestra & Long Island Philharmonic

Jonathan Barker

“Harold Thompson has put together a beautiful studio at Smith Mtn Lake. The atmosphere is great, the equipment is top of the line, and the personnel is professional, friendly, and laid back. Great atmosphere for making music amongst good company at very reasonable pricing! Thanks Harold!”

Jonathan Barker


Billy Chase, Mafia Track Suit

“Blackwater Recording is an amazing studio. We were able to achieve the sound we wanted. Harold Thompson and Dave McDonald are great engineers. Harold was able to prepare our song stems for the authoring company to place our songs up on the Rock Band Network. I look forward to more recording projects with Harold and company in the future. It has been a great experience.”

Billy Chase, Mafia Track Suit

Jeffrey Sandborg

“As a director of the Roanoke College Choir and the Second Presbyterian Choir, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Harold Thompson for nearly twenty years on a wide range of recording projects. We “never sounded so good” until we started working with Harold. Frankly, his ears are the only ones I trust besides my own and, at times, I trust them more! His artistry, deep reservoir of experience, consummate professionalism and integrity have been major ingredients in the success of Roanoke College Choir’s commercial recordings. I would not trust anyone else with a microphone in front of my choirs. We are thrilled with the completion of the new Blackwater Recording studios and wish Harold many more years of continued success.”

Electric Chameleon

“To be honest working with Harold and Dave at Blackwater was simply a dream come true. It was a privilege waking up beside the lake and enjoying that comfort level of being in a “home,” like atmosphere. I have absolutely zero negative things to say about our experience because it was such a great thing for us to get away from Roanoke and enjoy recording our album.

Upon arriving, we were immediately impressed by the knowledge that Harold had of recording. He is truly a great engineer and producer. I remember a few nights talking with him after a long day of recording and just thinking this is one of those times when you sit back and just open up your ears and hope you can take in some of that know how.

Dave McDonald is a pleasure to work with. We have worked with him since the very start of our music career. He knows music and musicians very well and helped us through some tougher times. Need a fresh idea, need to break the tension, or need to have musical advice: Dave is the Man!!!”

Joey Dennis

Electric Chameleon