Off-Site Location Recording Services by Blackwater Recording

Blackwater Recording, Inc., in Wirtz, VA, brings our professional digital recording equipment to your location to capture the performance as it happens. Your group has rehearsed, putting in hours of practice and painstaking preparation. The audience gathers in the community for the special event or concert. Blackwater Recording, Inc. is there with you, to record the performance as it occurs. Call us at: (540) 721-1413.

Because You Know Every Note is Unique

When it comes to the music business, especially sound recording, one size does not fit all. Because you know every note is unique, partner with the professionals at Blackwater Recording, Inc. We offer off-site recording services at your location throughout the Roanoke area.

When you have your large group together in a performance hall and everything clicks, it often does not make practical sense to replicate that in a studio environment. And let’s face it; some things just sound better in a large room. Trust Blackwater Recording, Inc. to capture your performance in the space it was intended for.

Get Superior Results by Using Blackwater Recording, Inc.

Blackwater Recording, Inc. takes the time to listen and understand. It is our job to provide you with a superior recording of your event. Give us a call to arrange for our off-site location recording service. Blackwater Recording, Inc. has the technical know-how to be your local resource for sound recording that is second-to-none. We serve the greater Roanoke area with superior results when you need it most.

Mobile Audio Equipment in Southwest Virginia

Blackwater Recording, Inc. has the mobile ability to meet the changing audio needs of the music community throughout Southwest Virginia. We have the mobility to bring our professional audio equipment to your location to record your large group as the event takes place.

Our post-production editing and mixing services can bring off-site location recordings to master-quality sound. Whether your off-site location performance is on a sound stage, concert venue, or an amphitheater in the great outdoors, Blackwater Recording, Inc. offers professional on-location recording services for outstanding results.