Enhance Sound
with Professional Mixing and Editing

Blackwater Recording, Inc. Offers Mixing for Sound Recordings

All artists want their sound recordings to be perfect. When you choose Blackwater Recording, Inc. for studio recording services, our staff works to create an amazing piece for you to share with the world. Part of what we do includes sound mixing, which mixes each separate part of the recording together. Our experienced mixing engineers truly have an ear for music, and perfectly mix and blend the vocals and instrumental pieces to create the right feel and sound. If you need professional mixing in Wirt, VA, or the surrounding areas, call Blackwater Recording, Inc. at (540) 741-1413 to book our studio.

Audio Editing Services in Roanoke, VA

Editing is one of the final steps in post-production that ties into mixing. Audio editing allows audio engineers to move bits around to make the track sound more cohesive, or remove parts that do not flow or are unnecessary to the song. Audio editing is also the part of the process where effects come into play, giving engineers the ability to add fades to the beginning and end of songs, bass boosts, reverbs, auto-tuning, and other exciting effects. Are you looking for professional editing services in Roanoke, VA? Contact Blackwater Recording, Inc. for more information on what we have to offer.

Trust Blackwater Recording, Inc. to Create Your Next Masterpiece

Blackwater Recording, Inc. has just about everything all Wirt-area musicians need to bring their next masterpiece to life. From on-site studio recording and editing services, to on-location recording and planning assistance, there is no stopping you from creating a top-chart record. Talk with the friendly staff at Blackwater Recording, Inc. today in Wirt, VA, to see what we can help you create. We proudly serve Roanoke, VA; Salem, VA; Vinton, VA; and the surrounding areas.