Lynchburg, Virginia Recording Services in Roanoke

Musicians, producers, and recording artists in Lynchburg, Virginia know the importance of capturing the full essence of sound that they create. Blackwater Recording, Inc. has the experience and equipment to work in a variety of musical genres. Clients from Lynchburg and the surrounding region rely on Blackwater Recording.

Our staff communicates with you about your project before work begins to ensure you have the support you need. We make it easy for area producers to plug in your familiar technology. We offer the services, experience, and superior equipment to help you meet your goals.

Lynchburg, Virginia Off-Site Location Recording Services

Blackwater Recording also provides off-site location recording services in Lynchburg and all around the area. Our experts bring professional digital equipment from our studio to your location and capture live performances. We are experienced in a variety of venues, from concert halls to amphitheaters. When it makes the best sense for your large group to record in a performance hall or stage, we can record and master your event.

Recording Studio Services in Lynchburg, VA

Blackwater Recording offers professional recording services to clients in Lynchburg, Virginia and throughout the area. Visit our studio in Wirtz, Virginia, on the shore of Smith Mountain Lake for a relaxing, natural environment that is conducive to an excellent recording experience.

Contact us online or call us from Vinton to reserve your studio session with Blackwater Recording, Inc. today at (540) 721-1413.

Recording, Mixing & Editing Services for Lynchburg, VA

When you need an experienced sound recording and editing service that covers the Lynchburg, Virginia area, give us a call at Blackwater Recording, Inc. Our engineers have more than 70 years of combined experience in a wide, inclusive variety of musical genres. The mixing and editing services at Blackwater Recording in Wirtz will get your music project ready for distribution.


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