Samples of Roanoke-Area Recording Projects Produced in Wirtz, Virginia

This page is dedicated to the artists in the Roanoke area, from a variety of musical genres, which Blackwater Recording, Inc. has had the pleasure of working with over the years. From classical to country, and blues to bluegrass, Blackwater Recording’s professional quality can be heard. Listen to these samples collected from over the past decade. Put our experience to work for you! Contact us or call to book your session with Blackwater Recording, Inc. today at (540) 721-1413.

Akemi Takayama & David Stewart Wiley – Preludes and Lullabies

Classics on Conner’s – Mike Mitchell

Electric Chameleon

Le Hotclub de Biglick

Lenny Marcus

Lenny Marcus and The Big Easy

Mafia Track Suit

Michel Ferre’ and Vladimir Espinosa

Mickey Nelson

Mountain Wine – Valerie McQueen and Mickey Nelson

Paddy Dougherty – Winds of Change

Roanoke Symphony Orchestra

The Bluegrass Brothers

The Mantras

Now that you have heard a sampling of our work, see photos from our studio location!