Digital Recording Studio for Area Producers and Engineers in Roanoke

Blackwater Recording, Inc. in Wirtz, Virginia provides producers, musicians, and engineers in the Roanoke region with professional digital recording facilities. We cater to area music producers and artists who need an outstanding digital recording facility with the quality equipment and expertise to get projects done well. Over the past decade, Blackwater Recording’s staff has been providing studio and on-location digital recording for a variety of area producers.

Area Producers Trust Blackwater Recording, Inc.

Area producers trust the experience of Blackwater Recording, Inc. As our motto states, “You never sounded so good.” Blackwater Recording, Inc. has both the equipment and experience to serve a variety of professionals who require quality recording. Whether you visit our studio facility or our experts come to your location, you receive an outstanding result. Trust your recording project to Blackwater Recording.

Producers, Musicians, and Engineers Visiting Roanoke Area for Recording

If you are a music producer, musician, or musical engineer visiting the Roanoke, Virginia area and need to record, give Blackwater Recording, Inc. a call at (540) 721-1413. With our studio and on-location recording services, we may be able to be part of your next project! Musicians and producers may also bring their own equipment to record and work on music themselves. Check our gallery page for a sampling of the quality work we do.

Recording Facility for Area Producers in Southwest Virginia

Recording projects in Southwest Virginia do best with the skill of professionals, using state of the art, digital equipment necessary to provide full, high-resolution sound. If you are visiting the region and need to record, Blackwater Recording, Inc. offers the ease of working with our equipment and your DAW to facilitate recording. Musicians, engineers, and producers can get access to all of our equipment to record your music as you see fit. Talk with our friendly staff to reserve your spot today.

Musicians and producers work hard to compose, rehearse, perform, and make each performance unique. While we can work with you to record and engineer your new tracks, our equipment is available for your team to utilize. Blackwater Recording, Inc. is here with an expert ear to record what you have in mind.