Advantages of Recording at the Studio

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For some advantages of recording at the studio, Blackwater Recording would like you to really

listen. With digital technology being practically everywhere these days, having good sound may

just slip your notice… until poor sound happens. Maybe you have watched a video or two online?

Whether it is music or spoken word, good sound quality is essential.


We recognize the importance of good, quality sound recording when the piece is lacking. It

might be a video of a lecture, an audiobook, or a gig by a band at the local café. As the

audience, we anticipate being able to hear it well. We feel slighted when we have to strain

or otherwise cannot hear the performance.


So, what makes it so advantageous to book a session for studio recording? Blackwater

Recording, Inc., can help define a few of the advantages for you. Keep the following in mind

when you seek to produce quality media. Communicating an important message or making

an impression with your latest music starts with a controlled environment.


Studios Offer a Controlled Monitoring Environment

A professional studio, like Blackwater Recording, Inc., in Wirtz, Virginia, offers a controlled

monitoring environment. The advantage of this is that your mixes will translate well to

other playback systems be it ear buds or high-end speakers.


Perhaps you have already experienced the letdown of having mixed something yourself at

home only to find that it does not sound like you thought it did when played back on other

systems. Not only the speakers you use while mixing but the room acoustics influence how

you balance the mix elements. This is why a neutral monitoring environment that does not

falsely influence your mix decisions is very important.


These types of external influences and distortions can make you feel like home mixing is a

waste of time. And if your project is an important one, then perhaps it calls for the

controlled monitoring environment of a studio. The studio mixing room itself is

constructed to reduce external, distracting noises and provide neutral audio reference that

you can trust.


Important Advantages of Recording at the Studio

Along with having the proper environment, recording in a studio gives your project the

right recording, mixing, and editing it may need. Entrusting your creative project to the

care of recording professionals does give it an edge over doing it yourself. We’ll talk more

about the planning process in a future blog, but contact us if you have any questions.


Giving sound the proper space for expression is vital to a quality recording. It matters less

whether the instrument is a musical one or your vocal cords. Being in a controlled

monitoring environment is key to capturing the true essence of the sound you want to



Cued Up Next: The Importance of Studio Acoustics

Earlier, we mentioned that external, distracting noises can detract from sound quality.

We construct a recording studio to take advantage of quality acoustics. Consider these

words on what affects the acoustics in a room:

The room’s acoustics are affected by the walls, ceiling and floor, the dimensions

of the space, and the ability of surface materials, like curtains, to either absorb or

reflect sound.


The acoustics of a room affect not only one’s listening enjoyment, but the ability to capture

quality sound when recording in a studio. Much goes into deciding what materials will line

the studio walls, ceiling, and floor. Along with the acoustics is the sound proofing provided

by a quality studio. No more worries about barking dogs traffic noise and excess air

conditioning noise. This is why many recording studios themselves may offer a few

different ways to record certain sounds or instruments.


As creative spaces devoted to recording quality sound, studio acoustics play such an

important role. Being in the studio space and expressing sound with the right acoustics can

make a world of difference. Proper acoustics are what enable optimal sound, beyond, of

course, the talent and ability of the musician or performer.


Extensive Equipment to Wrap It All Up

So far, we have touched on the advantages of having the right controlled monitoring

environment and proper studio acoustics. The final set of advantages for studio recording

is in the extensive equipment available. At Blackwater Recording, Inc., we have assembled

an extensive array of professional recording and mixing equipment.


The professional equipment in our studio is what sets us apart from any other studio. It

certainly is an improvement over much of the technology many people have for home use.

You may find it enjoyable to sit at your computer and tweak the audio controls to your

liking. We understand completely.


However, when you work with a professional studio, there is so much more to consider.

This is where our extensive recording and mixing expertise comes in. We have the proper

types of microphones and sound boards to produce each recording project. The Blackwater

Recording, Inc., staff has the expertise to provide quality, finished results.


When you consider these three main aspects and advantages, studio recording makes a lot

of sense. One other advantage is this: Blackwater Recording, Inc., also likes to make it easy.

Rather than stress over the sound quality of your next project, give us a call. You may find

that our recording studio is just what you need. Keep listening, and we’ll see you again



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