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Blackwater Recording, Inc. offers the best in professional recording services for the Roanoke, VA, area. Blackwater Recording, Inc. serves the Southwest Virginia region with professional equipment and personnel. To have us record high-resolution, quality sound at your location, call us at (540) 721-1413 today. We bring our equipment where you are, for ease in capturing your performance as it happens in the venue that suits it best. As our motto says,

“You never sounded so good.”

...Or Come to Our Spacious Recording Studioin Wirtz, Virginia

Or, if you choose to come to our spacious recording studio in Wirtz, VA, we extend the ambience of our beautiful location on the shore of Smith Mountain Lake. Our recording studio is especially designed to bring out the best in quality sound. Combine this with our mixing, editing, and mastering services that are available, and get your project finished expertly. Blackwater Recording, Inc. offers the services, industry experience, and superior equipment for your creative endeavor to be its very best:

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Contact us today, whether you seek to arrange for our on-location recording service or would prefer to work in-studio. Secure your dedicated recording session by talking with our friendly staff today. There is nothing like working with the experienced industry professionals at Blackwater Recording, Inc.

Your Invitation to Schedule Your Project with Blackwater Recording

Blackwater Recording, Inc. consults on each production project and can contribute as much or as little as required. Our equipment is also available to producers, musicians, and engineers who wish to record their own music. Feel free to bring along any equipment you may need alongside our own. Schedule your project with Blackwater Recording, Inc. and check our galleries. If you have never worked with a professional recording studio before, here is your open invitation to check our sound quality and see photos of us at work. All hours are by appointment only.

All hours are by appointment only.

Top Digital Recording Services for Southwest Virginia

Clients come to Blackwater Recording, Inc. from all around the Southwest Virginia region and beyond. We serve our local market in Southwest Virginia with some of the best on-site and off-site audio recording services. Clients throughout the Roanoke area rely on the digital recording services of Blackwater Recording, Inc. for an individual song, to capture a seasonal concert, and other special live events. Blackwater Recording serves clients in and around: